Friday, November 27, 2009

Fedor, who else comes close?

Why are so many people challenge what Fedor has accomplished? How many times has every other fighter been caught? Anderson, BJ Penn, GSP, Lyoto (he should have lost vs Shogun and he is very early in his career), Miguel Torres, Urijah Faber (as a side note, I dont know why these two were just ejected from most ppl's top 10 pfp after such dominance), Wanderlei (after a superb 3yr run), etc.

Fedor has NEVER lost. Never been caught by the lucky punch. Never by a lucky submission (esp not one like Anderson was caught with).
And as a wrestler, he finishes fights in the FIRST ROUND 70% of the time. Wrestlers, like Matt Hughes, Tito, GSP, typically just lay & pray decisions.

On top of that, he has a highlight reel of jaw dropping fights:

With Fujita, he is rocked and comes back 30 seconds later to a submission win. (most guys would be hugging the other guy still)
With Randleman Fedor is suplexed on his HEAD and submits him for a win 30 seconds later.
The last 3 fights against top 10 ranked fighters have ended in glorious knockouts against STRIKERS (which is more you can say about all of Lesnar's fights: no knockouts and no strikers.. and even Anderson's last 3 fights (Forrest is a brawler not known for knockout power).

Fedor fought Nog in his prime & dominated all 3 times, Cro-cop in his prime, Heath Herring in his prime (listen to the commentary during the fight, the announcers were in shock), Semmy Schilt 3 years before he went on to win rule K1 for 3 years, and even Mark Coleman while he still had power.

Fedor has beaten 6 UFC Champions, 3 or 4 K1 champions, and been on everyone's top 10 HW list for 7+ years.

Remember, Fedor is 6" and fights at 230lbs. In 90% of his fights, he has a
disadvantage in reach, height and weight. Hell, Anderson walks around at 225lbs!

There is simply nobody else fighting right now that comes close to what he has done. Nobody.