Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fedor vs Anderson Silva

Lets pick another pfp champion and see how they compare with Fedor's competition.

I'll use Anderson Silva, the best pfp best fighter as per Dana White.

Anderson Silva vs Forrest?... Forrest was obliterated, same as Arlovski/Sylvia. Forrest was also in the top 10 in his weight class before the fight, just like Arlovski and Sylvia.
Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites? Thales was just dropped and possibly re-added to the UFC roster after a lackluster decision loss vs Alessio Sakara (4-4 in UFC) guy. Hardly champion material now.
Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote? Cote isnt in any ranking I can find anywhere before or after.
Anderson Silva vs James Irvin? James Irvin isnt top ranked anything. Hong Man Choi (whom Fedor beat) has at least won K1 and beaten 3 time K1 winner Semmy Schilt. If he is considered a can, what is James Irvin?
Anderson vs Dan Henderson? Nobody can dispute Dan's credentials, he is the highest level of champion.

Since 2005, he has only had a few wins against champions:
Forrest Griffin, Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt (7x Pancrease champ)

Even Fedors win over Mark Hunt is significant: Mark Hunt is a K1 winner, had never been knocked out (at the time), he took 3+ kicks from Cro-cop in the head.

So sorry, your argument holds no water.

I dont get why there is all the attention to bash one of the top 3 pfp best fighters in the world. Dont you love the sport? Just enjoy what we get. Dont you remember the time when we could barely get our favorite fighters to fight again, and get paid a living wage? Jeeze. Are you just upset that you cant have your favorite match ups? Well if you are younger than 18, I understand. If not, just look at your age & act it.

Please remember, I mean no disrespect to the guys fighting either champion, if I call them non-champion matierial. I was still excited for the fights and thought they had a chance, no matter how slim. But they proved on that day they didnt have what it took.

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