Monday, January 26, 2009

Arlovski vs Fedor

This is in response to someone saying Fedor will suck until he beats Randy.

Do I think that Arlovski was controlling the match: Yes
Do I think that Arlovski was on his A game and able to knock Fedor out at any point: Yes
Do I think if Arlovski had a better "mental" game would it have made a difference: No, that is crazy talk.

Obviously my personal analysis of a fighter has nothing to do with the reality of why they lost. They can only lose from bad training, bad coaching, bad cardio, mental distractions (Barnett was talking about how his coach was in big accident), losing confidence, etc.

Arlovski was more prepared for this fight than any I've ever seen him. He was aggressive, and controlling the fight. He was confident and his gameplan to beat Fedor was solid. Does it sound like Arlovski needed a better "mental game"? Not to me.

Any fighter can lose, the better ones are less frequent. He lost today. The only 2 options to believe are:
1) He got unlucky or
2) Fedor is better.

I think Fedor is better. You think he got unlucky. We'll never know who is right. Even if 99% of the world thinks Fedor is better, they will be just as right as you.

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